Jamcin Ranch - Washburn, MO



Welcome to our farm where we are raising Marvelous Myotonics


We’re located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of South West Missouri.

My husband James and myself live on 25 acres and love the country life.

Myotonic/Fainting goats are the only breed we raise since 2005  and have mini  and medium/large goats. Our bloodlines are diverse coming from Wisconsin, Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas,Oklahoma and Kentucky breeders. We strive to breed to the standard set forth by the Myotonic Goat Registry. We also breed for  symmetry and type that adhere to the breed characteristics. We do not show a lot but have held our own in the shows we do attend. 2012 we proudly had our  first Permanent Grand Champion goat Jamcin’s Sassparilla owned by Rick and Nancy Geelsin.

Myotonics are hardy, great mothers and easy keepers and have a wonderful personality to boot.

I am passionate about the preservation and promotion of the Myotonic  Goats . We are in it for the long haul and continually strive to improve our herd and educate people about this wonderful breed.

I work in the transportation industry and James is a licensed Gunsmith and enjoys tinkering in his shop and talking bullets,bows and of course guns.

We hope you enjoy your visit through our website..and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Farm visitors are welcome!

You can contact us at: jamcin@centurylink.net





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