Welcome to Jamcin Ranch!

Jamcin Ranch is owned and operated by James and Cindy Lynn Huggins. We are located on thirty-five acres in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri.  Proud to be breeder number 090 in the Myotonic Goat Registry raising this marvelous breed since 2004. Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the Myotonic Goats by adhering to the breed description and raising correct animals that are hardy and sound in structure. Our goats’ genetics are far reaching and deeply embedded with some of the best foundation stock in the breed's history. Being a MGR judge has raised the bar in my vision of what we are striving to attain in our breeding program.

We are passionate in the preservation, promotion, and education of Myotonic goats.

​Farm visits are welcome by appointment. We hope you enjoy our goats as we certainly do! Feel free to contact us if you have questions.


(417) 826 - 4000

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